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Fiery and fabulous! Thousands attend ‘Redhead Days’ festival in Tilburg

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Redheads from all over the world flocked to the Dutch city of Tilburg for the 16th annual ‘Redhead Days Festival’ this weekend, as seen in footage captured on Sunday.

It’s the world’s largest festival for redheads, with the main attraction being the huge ‘group photo’. It also features music, social events and other activities, all celebrating the beauty of auburn hair.

« I love it. It’s like a sense of long-lost family. Like everybody’s friendly, everybody loves each other. There’s no snobbishness, there’s no, just everybody’s a fellow ginger. So, it’s awesome, it’s a good feeling. It’s nice and warm,” said festival-goer Debra Galvin.

The festival, which brings together people from up to 80 countries features several activities and events for the redhead community.

“Yeah, it’s been a great time. It’s cool seeing everyone with the same colour hair, more or less. And yeah, we’re leaving today, but it’s been a lot of fun so far, » added Will Clewis, a second redhead at the festival.

It all began in 2005 when Dutch artist Bart Rouwenhorst was looking for 15 red-headed models for a painting. The hair colour is very rare in the country, although when 150 turned up to audition, he decided to make the get-together an annual event.


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