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Flame on! Mexican meat lovers attempt to break world record for largest simultaneous barbecue

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Thousands of meat lovers gathered at the Autonomous University of Chihuahua on Saturday in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people grilling meat simultaneously.

« The record to beat is the record of 2,184 people, which currently belongs to Sonora, » said Guinness World Records’ official Carlos Tapia Rojas.

Footage shows event participants preparing their dishes under a network of tents, as they sought to break the world record.

« We found out through Facebook and the propaganda that was made there. Our friend Alejandro motivated us to sign up to break the record, and well, here we are trying to break this record that now has Sonora, » explained Eduardo Delgado, one of the event participants.

According to Tapia Rojas, 1,533 people took part in this Saturday’s event on the baseball field of the university.

However, the effort was not enough to beat the world record held by the Mexican city of Sonora, where 2,184 people grilled meat on a barbecue simultaneously in February 2023.

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