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Germany: Activists glue themselves to roads in Munich, demanding climate action

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Climate activists blocked the Autobahn A8 in Munich on Monday in an attempt to draw attention to climate issues.

Footage shows activists attempting to halt cars on the road and sticking to the pavement. Police officers are also seen removing demonstrators from the road.

The latest generation of climate activists has earned the nickname ‘climate stickers’ (Klimakleber) because they frequently use glue to attach themselves to roads and infrastructure. They do this to block traffic and gain attention for their cause.

The climate activists are calling for the establishment of a council composed of experts. This council’s goal would be to formulate a plan that eliminates the reliance on fossil fuels in Germany by 2030. Additionally, they are advocating for a rigorous commitment to the guidelines outlined in the Paris climate agreement.

In total, about 12 people took part in the action, according to media reports.


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