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Germany: Anti-govt protest takes over Miltenberg amid local festival celebrations

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Dozens of anti-government demonstrators marched in the Bavarian town of Miltenberg on Sunday, during the Michaelismesse (Saint Michael’s Fair) celebrations.

Protesters displayed banners with messages such as ‘Those who supply weapons do not want peace’, referring to the German support to Ukraine amid the war against Russia, or ‘Recognise the lies of politicians and media’.

Among the demands of the demonstrators are protection of agriculture and food security. Protest organisators pointed out that production standards regulations are ‘stricter’ in Germany compared to other EU countries, which makes local farmers ‘uncompetitive’.

The ten-day festival held in Miltenberg, reportedly the largest folklore festival in Bavaria’s Lower Main, began Friday afternoon, hosting several bands and folk dancers performers as well as other family attractions.

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