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India: PM Modi calls for African Union to become permanent member of G20 in speech to Business 20 Summit

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the African Union to become permanent members of the G20 forum, during a speech to the Business 20 Summit in New Delhi on Sunday.

“Friends, while the B20 theme ‘RAISE’ contains ‘I’ which represents ‘Innovation’, however I also see that this ‘I’, alongside ‘Innovation’ is for ‘Inclusiveness’. With the same vision, we have invited the African Union to become a permanent member of the G20,” said Modi.

In the joint statement adopted at the 15th summit of BRICS in South Africa on August 23, the bloc declared to “support the inclusion of the African Union as a member of the G20 at the New Delhi G20 Summit.”

The B20 is an event within the framework of the G20, where leading rich and developing nations gather to discuss different issues.

As host of the G20 summit this year, India has vowed to focus on highlighting the concerns of the developing world and bridge the differences among member countries over the war in Ukraine.


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