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Iran: President Raisi inaugurates South Pars gas field after foreign companies left

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Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi celebrated the inauguration of the South Pars gas field phase 11 in the port city of Asaluyeh on Monday.

Footage shows the gas production platform facilities with its workers. In addition, the Iranian President could be seen running the ceremony while journalists filmed the event.

After a 20-year delay, the world’s largest gas field in the Persian Gulf, described as the National Iranian Oil Company’s (NIOC) most strategic and important gas field, resumed gas production at South Pars phase 11.

South Pars Phase 11 is expected to produce 56 million cubic meters of gas, 50,000 barrels of gas condensate and 750 metric tons of sulfur per day.

During the ceremony, NIOC chief Mohsen Khojasteh Mehr said the project will generate revenues of more than 4.5 billion euros (5 billion dollars) a year once fully developed.

Phases 1 through 10 of the Pars gas field were commissioned in late 2009 after drilling operations there started in 1996, but the project ran into trouble and was put on hold.



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