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Iran: Uranium enrichment continues in accordance with national law – AEOI

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Iran’s uranium enrichment continues in accordance with the framework set by the country’s parliament, said Mohammad Eslami, head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI), on Sunday.

Eslami said that Iran will not stop progress in the nuclear field on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of a Caesium-137 exhibition marking some of AEOI’s achievements in Tehran.

Eslami stressed, however, that Iran maintains ties with Mr Raphael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

« NPT and the safeguards are the framework of Iran and IAEA’s ties, and we interact with IAEA in this framewor, thank God, such interaction resulted in the reduction of 4 suspicious nuclear facilities to 2 suspicious nuclear facilities », Eslami commented.

« Those who are our enemies and strongly disagree with our fuel cycle are the ones who are against the nuclear industry which is a vital necessity for developing and advancing Iran’s nation », the AEOI head added.

A nuclear agreement allowed Iran to enrich uranium only to 3.67 per cent. However, in 2021, Tehran started enriching it to 60 per cent purity, a levels suitable for developing atomic weapons. The country’s nuclear plants caused international tensions, especially with the United States.


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