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Roll out the barrels! Iconic ‘historical re-enactment’ wine cask race thrills visitors to Tuscan village

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Locals and tourists gathered to take part in a historic ‘barrel race’ in Montepulciano on Sunday, rolling wine casks around the village in the fastest time possible.

« This is a historical reenactment, » said Michele Angiolini, Mayor of Montepulciano, adding that participants « manoeuvre barrels weighing approximately 80 kg along a route within the historic centre, spanning about 1.8 km (around 1.11 miles). The finish line is located in the churchyard of the cathedral. »

The winner receives the ‘Panno del Bravo’ award, and this year’s edition commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Italian constitution. The race itself first began in 1974.

The barrels themselves can be seen swaying, forcing athletes to take evasive action to keep up with the frontrunners.

« It was a wonderful edition, a week of events full of enthusiasm, » said organiser, Andrea Biagianti. « Full of people in Montepulciano, everything went perfectly today. We saw a good race, there was an extraordinary crowd, so there is great satisfaction among the districts. »

Leading up to the race, Montepulciano indulges in a week-long celebration, with local residents wearing traditional costumes in the colours of their respective districts.


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