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Russia: Combat drone operators gather at ‘Dronnitsa’ UAV operators’ meeting in Veliky Novgorod

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The second gathering of combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators ‘Dronnitsa 2023’ took place in Veliky Novgorod on Saturday.

The event was supported by the Novorossiya Assistance Coordination Centre. According to its head, Aleksandr Lyubimov, the idea for the project emerged in 2022 during the training of UAV operators to work in the military zone.

« The second chief organiser Alexei Chadaev and I were discussing the fact that no matter what we did, we were still lagging behind the enemy. And in order to keep up, in order to surpass them, we said – I don’t remember who said it – the word ‘festival’. And we said: ‘We should make an event where we will bring together Russian military drones’, » – Lyubimov noted.

One of the ‘Dronnitsa’ participants demonstrated a fixed-wing drone (aircraft-type drone) with vertical take-off and landing.

« I believe this is a breakthrough in our aircraft construction, particularly in unmanned aerial vehicles. This hybrid scheme allows us to launch from any unprepared site. We are no longer dependent on the terrain and we decide where we launch from, » the instructor explained.

The second gathering of military UAV operators ‘Dronnitsa 2023’ took place in the Novgorod region from 25 to 27 August. The project is aimed at developing and popularising the ‘military drone’ culture, as well as forming a highly professional community of UAV instructors and operators, electronic intelligence and electronic warfare specialists.

The event included lectures and seminars, as well as demonstrations of various equipment at the Kimry airfield. Over 45 organizations from all over Russia participated, presenting their products ranging from individual inventors and small design bureaus to large factories and volunteer organizations, as reported by the media.


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