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Slovenia: European Council president calls for credible EU expansion by 2030 at Bled Strategy

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European Council President Charles Michel said that if the EU wants to be credible, it needs to take into account the timing, setting a target of EU enlargement in 2030, during the Bled Strategy Forum in Slovenia on Monday.

In his speech, Michel acknowledged the substantial effort that lies ahead in the process of EU enlargement.

« There is still a lot of work to do. It will be difficult it will be complex and sometimes painful for the future Member States and for the EU. But let us be clear if we want to be credible, I believe we must talk about timing, we must talk about our homework. And I have a suggestion as we prepare the EU’s next strategic agenda, we must set ourselves a clear goal. I believe we must be ready, on both sides, by 2030 to enlarge, » Michel said.

Charles Michel underscored that enlargement will hold a prominent place on the agenda of future European Council meetings. He revealed that discussions will encompass critical decisions, including the initiation of negotiations with countries such as Ukraine and Moldova.

« That is why EU leaders will discuss enlargement at our next European Council meetings. We will take a stand on the opening of negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. And I also expect Bosnia and Herzegovina and Georgia to be back on the table, » he added.

Amid his call for EU enlargement, Michel outlined a broader context of reinforcing unity and increasing the EU’s influence on the global stage. The European Council President emphasized that the present juncture is opportune for addressing the challenge of enlargement, benefiting both the EU and the aspiring Member States.

The Annual Bled Strategic Forum, an international conference, is scheduled for August 28-29, 2023, in Bled, Slovenia. The event, themed ‘Solidarity for Global Security,’ aims to bring together diverse perspectives to address worldwide security challenges.

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