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Syria: Hundreds rally in As-Suwayda over economic crisis for eighth consecutive day

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Hundreds of people gathered in As-Suwayda on Sunday to mark the eighth consecutive day of protests against the Syrian government over the worsening of the country’s economic situation.

Footage shows locals chanting with flags and signs, displaying messages including ‘I don’t want my children to die at the sea escaping from the police state’ and ‘Detainees first. Reveal the destiny of the forcibly disappeared. No peace without justice’.

According to local media reports, demonstrators claim against the government’s plan to remove subsidies on fuel, which led to a price increase of over 150 percent in the region.

It was also reported that some protesters also demand the resignation of the incumbent government.

The war-hit, earthquake-striken country saw its currency sinks to historical low values, with the Syrian Central Bank of devaluating the official rate to 9,900 Syrian pounds to the dollar in July.


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