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UK: ‘All cultures come together’ – Notting Hill Carnival lights up London streets with Caribbean diversity

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Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Notting Hill in London on Monday to celebrate Caribbean culture, music and diversity as part of the 55th Notting Hill Carnival parade.

Footage shows parade participants wearing vibrant carnival costumes and flags representing different Caribbean nations, joyfully dancing along the streets of the British capital.

“It’s the way that we express our creativity but it’s just to bring joy, happiness, fun and laughter, all cultures come together,” said Yassi, a participant.

The organisers expected that around 2 million people would join in the festivities during the two days of the carnival.

The carnival’s origins trace back to 1958, when Claudia Jones, a Trinidadian human rights activist, conceived the idea of using the carnival to foster unity in the wake of a string of racist attacks in the Notting Hill neighbourhood.

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