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USA: ‘It impacts communities all along its route’ – Activists protest in West Virginia against Mountain Valley Pipeline

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A group of climate activists gathered in West Virginia to protest against the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) project on Sunday.

Footage shows activists listening to a mini concert and dancing during the demonstration.

« It is very challenging to organise against fossil fuels infrastructure projects in Appalachia, particularly in West Virginia where so much of a government decisions are controlled by fossil fuels interests. The decision-making power is stripped away from the people. Mountain Valley Pipeline is also 303 miles project, so it is a long linear project. It impacts communities all along its route, » said Russell Chisholm, the Co-chairperson of the Protect Our Water, Heritage, Rights (POWHR).

« So there is really like a central gathering point for people to come together, that are lined to stop. So we create those spaces like this and invite people in. And many people came from far away to participate over this weekend, » he added.

As part of the debt ceiling deal, US President Joe Biden and House Republicans had agreed to expedite permitting for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a project transporting Appalachian shale gas about 300 miles from West Virginia to Virginia.

Activists claim the divisive pipeline would pollute crucial waterways and cause irrevocable damage to natural reserves.


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