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Best of the best! Taekwondo World Championships take place in Astana

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The 22nd International Taekwondo Federation’s World Championships, organised by the Kazakhstan Taekwondo Association, came to a close in Astana on Saturday, August 26.

Footage shows athletes from North Korea and Greece competing and supporters cheering them on, as well as the awards ceremony for the winners of different categories.

According to the press service of the Astana district administration, ‘about 900 athletes from almost 60 countries’ took part in the event, including athletes from North Korea, Russia and Belarus.

In addition to the competitions, the programme included sparring and self-defence training classes, board and brick smashing, while North Korean athletes also gave spectators an hour-long exhibition performance.

It marks the first appearance at an overseas event by North Korean athletes since the COVID-19 pandemic. The North Korean-led ITF organisation is distinct from the similarly named International Taekwondo Federation, whose World Championships take place in Finland next month.

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