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Dogs days! Corgi summer festival sees short-legged cuteness take over Moscow region

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A huge festival devoted to Corgis and their humans was held on the Grebnevo estate in the Moscow region, as seen on Sunday, August 27.

Footage shows the dogs competing in a race, running as fast as their little legs could carry them, as well as a costume contest. Many are also seen enjoying the last few days of summer sunshine.

« This is not the first time we have participated in this [festival], » said Elena, whose corgi ‘Nessy’ took a creditable second place in the race.

« We are regular members of the ‘Marusya’ corgi team [‘Marusya and Friends’ corgi emergency rescue team]but we have never had such a grand festival, » she added. « We like everything very much, and it’s a very large-scale event. »

Olga, who dressed up herself and her hound, said her choice of costume represented ‘everything bright in life’.

« Our costume is called ‘Gypsy’ because we’re going to perform to ‘Gypsy’ [song] and that’s what we’re dressed up as. We love everything bright in life: colours, music, » she explained.

Schelkovo City District Administration reported that the festival opened with the racing, before moving on to an agility competition and the costume contest to finish.

The event was organised by representatives of the All-Russian party’s corgi rescue team ‘Marusya and Friends’ which supports the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM), as well as the owner of the estate; entrepreneur and philanthropist Andrei Kovalev.

‘Marusya and Friends’ was formed in 2020. The dogs help EMERCOM employees to find drugs and explosives, are involved in searching for victims during accidents, and also provide valuable emotional relief for rescue team members.


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