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Germany: ‘Strong impulse for more growth’- Chancellor Scholz addresses economic challenges amid coalition disunity

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Chancellor Olaf Scholz opened the federal cabinet meeting at the historic Meseberg Palace near Berlin on Tuesday to address Germany’s economic situation amid coalition disagreements over budget priorities.

In his speech, Chancellor Scholz emphasised the need for a robust economic growth strategy.

« It’s about a strong impulse for more growth with our country and that also requires that companies find the workers they need so that they can invest in sustainable investments for companies, whether they create the conditions for corresponding growth to be generated, » he remarked.

« In pursuit of this goal, we have outlined a comprehensive 10-point plan, » Chancellor Scholz announced.

The plan centers around the pivotal issue of legislation for promoting growth opportunities and the ensuing possibilities it holds. Additionally, the Chancellor highlighted the intention to employ tax measures as a means to stimulate immediate investments rather than postponing them.

In a development reported by Reuters, consensus was reached on a significant course of action to invigorate the economy. This includes implementing corporate tax cuts totaling a substantial 32 billion euros over the course of four years.


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