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Greece: Drone footage reveals extent of devastation after massive wildfires in Evros

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Drone footage captured on Tuesday shows acres of scorched forest in Greece’s Dadia National Park after deadly wildfires tore through the region for 11 consecutive days.

According to Greek authorities, the flames have consumed more than 72,000 hectares of land, killing some 4,000 animals and claiming the lives of at least 20 people.

The fire started near the city of Alexandroupolis with powerful winds and high temperatures causing the flames to spread rapidly. More than 77,000 hectares of land have been engulfed by the blaze, according to the authorities.

According to local media, 474 firefighters, supported by 100 vehicles, seven planes and two helicopters, are still battling to douse the blaze. Reinforcements from several European countries are among the crews.

At least 20 people have been killed in the fires, with all but one believed to be migrants taking refuge in the Dadia Forest.

Wildfires also erupted on the outskirts of Athens last week, but have since been contained, according to Greece’s fire brigade.

The inferno in Evros comes as Greece experiences a second outbreak of wildfires this summer, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people amid record-breaking temperatures.

Firefighters from Albania, Slovakia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany and Cyprus have been deployed in Greece to assist in efforts to control the blazes.


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