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Iran: We won’t ‘knot economy’ to will of US and the West – President Raisi in Tehran

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President Ebrahim Raisi urged the Japanese government to release Iranian assets and pledged not to ‘knot’ his country’s economy to the whims of the US and the West, during a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.

“Our advice to Japan’s administration is to live independently, not be a hostage of America, and not freeze any money that Iran has in Japan for the product’s price or as trust, » he said. « [I advise] not to Japan but to other states to not be influenced by other states.”

“Some say the solution to our problem is just the smile of the US or several European states. I previously said it, and I am saying now that we do not wait for their smile. We do not knot the economy of this country and the livelihood of people to their will, » he added.

The president also discussed Iran’s recent accession to the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation, and its forthcoming full membership of BRICS, starting in 2024.

« BRICS and SCO are proper international coalitions. Membership in the SCO and BRICS coalition will help to stand against US unilateralism. Huge economies are members of the BRICS and SCO. Iran’s economy can be effective next to these economies. » said Raisi.

The Iranian president added that « Iran’s political, economic and commercial situation showed that the foe did not achieve anything throughout its strategy for isolating Iran and it failed’.

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