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Spain: ‘It’s not a peck, it’s an aggression’ – Protesters demand resignation of football federation president over non-consensual kiss

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Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the central square of Callao in Madrid on Monday to demand the resignation of Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish Football Federation.

The protest was sparked by Rubiales’ non-consensual kiss to national soccer team player Jenni Hermoso after Spain’s victory in the Women’s FIFA World Cup, which has risen concerns of sexual assault.

The footage features protesters chanting slogans such as ‘It’s not a peck, it’s an aggression,’ expressing their outrage over the incident and carrying banners reading ‘Out with Rubiales and the macho mafia. Down with rape culture’ and others.

Earlier, Spanish prosecutors initiated a preliminary investigation into whether Rubiales’ unsolicited kiss of Hermoso could constitute sexual assault.

The demonstration saw the participation of notable figures such as Yolanda Diaz, the second vice-president of the acting government, who stated that feminism, equality, and labour rights had emerged victorious from the incident.

« An example of solidarity, embracing each other to say that we will never again allow the behaviours that exist daily in the sports world, therefore, feminism has won, equality has won, and labour rights have also won, » said Diaz.

Acting ministers Pilar Alegria and Irene Montero, as well as the spokesperson for the PSOE Reyes Maroto, also attended the protest.

The regional presidents of the Spanish Football Federation have demanded Rubiales’ immediate resignation, withdrawing their support for him. The call for resignation comes after the federation’s regional presidents met to discuss the impact of the crisis caused by Rubiales’ actions.

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