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Spain: ‘You should have left on Friday’- SSC President Francos about Rubiales possible disqualification

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The President of the Superior Sports Council (SSC), Victor Francos, communicated during a press conference held in Madrid on Monday, that they are still awaiting notification from the Administrative Tribunal for Sport (ATS) regarding the decision on the complaint that was filed against President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, on Friday, August 25th.

After Spain’s victory over England, securing their first FIFA Women’s World Cup title, Luis Rubiales was seen kissing the Spain forward, Jenni Hermoso, on the lips during the trophy ceremony. Following this incident, reports emerged that FIFA had initiated disciplinary proceedings against the president due to his behaviour.

« At this moment, we still have no news from the ATS and we respect its independence. Some think that skipping some formal norms can run more. I have already seen trying to run more, and then run less. I prefer to run at race pace », Francos said.

« At the time when the ATS determines that it is so, we would activate our mechanism, which is the board of directors of the SSC », he added.

When asked about the Federation President, Francos remarked that had he been given the opportunity, he would have advised Rubiales, « You should have left on Friday. »

« The ATS will notify us formally through the system we have for administrative communications with us. We, automatically, apart from making a press release, will make a press release, or whatever corresponds. And we will tell you what we are going to do, but I already tell you that you know what we are going to do, so there is not much surprise about it (disable Rubiales), » Francos explained.

As per local media reports, the Spanish High Council for Sport complained Rubiales on Friday, urging for his resignation. Rubiales admitted his error but asserted that the kiss was consensual. However, Hermoso affirmed that she did not grant her consent and felt violated by the incident.

Spanish national teams’ players, including FC Barcelona striker Alexia Putellas, Real Betis right-back Hector Bellerin, and striker Borja Iglesias, used their social media platforms on Friday to convey their dissatisfaction with Rubiales’ choice to remain in his position.


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