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Syria: ‘Prices are skyrocketing’ – Parents in Damascus struggle to buy school supplies ahead of new academic year

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Families are feeling the impact of higher school supply prices compared to last year as the new academic year begins. Footage taken on Tuesday shows many parents searching through popular markets in Damascus for their children’s school necessities.

As families grapple with the rising cost of preparing their children for school, the community is increasingly concerned about the accessibility of education.

“The Syrian markets have never been like this. The prices are skyrocketing. There are some cheap goods but of low-quality,” said Shafiq Hamdi, a shop owner.

« I think for a man who has 3 children who all go to school, he may have to drop out two of them,” he added.

« Today, the customer buys only one pen, and cannot afford the scarf, water bottle, or bag. Some people write their numbers on a piece of paper and place it on cars’ windscreens, asking for help to buy stationery for their children, » shared Abu Mohammed, a street vendor.

The substantial increases in school supply prices are prompting many to rethink their budgeting strategies and even contemplate the possibility of not sending all their children to school.

« I have 3 children, so I need 1.5 million SP for them to get ready for school, » said Abu Amir, a local resident, expressing his concerns.

« I came here to buy some school necessities for my daughters. The prices are slightly higher than last year. As for the uniform and stationery, they are very expensive, » said Um George, another local resident.

As the situation unfolds, families, vendors, and the entire community are bracing themselves for the challenges that lie ahead in ensuring quality education for the younger generation amid an economic crisis that is suffocating Syrians after over 12 years of a devastating conflict.

Local media reports indicate that there are anticipations of further hikes in stationery prices in the near future.


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