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Syria: ‘We don’t want Syria to be lost’ – Ongoing anti-govt protests by Druze community in As-Suwayda shift from economic crisis to political reform

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Dozens of people gathered in As-Suwayda to mark the tenth day of consecutive protests against the Syrian government, driven by worsening economic conditions.

Footage shows locals chanting holding the Druze flag and signs reading, ‘We don’t want Syria to be lost, no division or fragmentation,’ ‘We don’t want Bashar. May the Syrian raise hand,’ « O Suwayda, revolt, revolt. We want the Presidential Palace,’ ‘Decision application 2254,’ ‘Our protests are civic, diverse and inclusive,’ and ‘We refuse to become part of a drug cartel threatening regional stability.’

The city of As-Suwayda, situated in the southwestern part of Syria and primarily inhabited by the Druze community, is currently experiencing protests. These demonstrations have arisen following a governmental choice to eliminate fuel subsidies and raise fuel prices amid an economic crisis that is suffocating Syrians after over 12 years of a devastating conflict, to evolve into a demand for government overthrow.

Using the Druze flag instead of the national one has sparked a debate. Proponents of the government accuse protesters of seeking separation, while the protesters assert their commitment to a united Syria.

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