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Taiwan: ‘What’s needed is dialogue’ – Taipei Mayor before flying to Twin Cities Forum in Shanghai

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The Taipei Mayor, Chiang Wan-an, left for Shanghai on Tuesday morning to attend the annual Twin Cities Forum from August 29 to 31. It was anticipated that he would arrive in Shanghai before noon, where he would be greeted by Shanghai’s Deputy Mayor, Hua Yuan.

Their first engagement would involve visiting Yangshan Deep Water Port, followed by a meeting in the evening with Shanghai Mayor, Gong Zheng. Before embarking on his three-day visit, Wan-an addressed the press at the airport in Taiwan’s capital city.

The Taiwanese politician asserted that it is imperative to change the current circumstances and generate opportunities through practical actions. He assured that, as the mayor, he will utilize the collective wisdom of Taipei citizens within the established framework set forth by his predecessors through the Twin Cities Forum, while adhering to existing central regulations.

« At this stage, cross-strait relations are indeed not peaceful, which is not something that Taiwan’s people, who desire peace, stability, and prosperity, are pleased with. However, at the same time, due to the framework of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA), there is stable and close economic and trade interaction between the two sides. But in recent years, there have been issues with agricultural product sales and business frictions that urgently need a dialogue mechanism to resolve. From this, it’s evident that cross-strait relations are complex and cannot be simplified in a few words. What’s needed is dialogue, a continuous dialogue mechanism, and sincere dialogue to stabilize cross-strait interactions amidst numerous complexities, » Wan-an stated.

Assuring the journalists, Wan-an added, « Rest assured, we cherish democracy, maintain peace, and our determination to create prosperity remains unchanged. »

The upcoming 2023 Shanghai-Taipei City Forum will focus on the theme of « new trends, new development. » This important event will serve as a platform for both cities to strengthen their cooperation by signing memorandums of cooperation in various sectors.

Since 2010, the Shanghai-Taipei City Forum has been a regular gathering, with both cities taking turns to host and engage in discussions concerning improving people’s livelihoods, exchanging urban management experiences, and fostering cultural and people-to-people exchanges.


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