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Unveiling Hollywood’s Treasures! Beverly Hills auction house hosts iconic movie collection marking 100 years of Warner Bros

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Get ready to embark on a journey through the captivating world of Hollywood’s greatest icons and cultural legends as Julien’s Auctions unveils an exclusive collection of over 1,400 remarkable artefacts on Monday.

These treasures, intricately tied to the legends of the silver screen and the world’s most renowned cultural figures, will take centre stage at the « Legends: Hollywood & Royalty » auction, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros.

From September 6th to September 8th, the Beverly Hills venue and online platforms will host this spectacular event, inviting enthusiasts to relive timeless moments from pop culture history. The allure of Hollywood’s finest moments will be on full display, with legendary objects that have shaped the landscape of cinema and cultural influence.

Among the highly anticipated highlights is Princess Leia’s iconic slave costume from « Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, » a masterpiece that embodies the essence of the franchise. The Iron Man helmet, donned by Robert Downey Jr. in « Iron Man III, » adds a dash of superhero flair to the collection. Not to be outshone, a maroon Starfleet command jacket worn by William Shatner as Admiral James T. Kirk in « Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan » stands as a testament to science fiction greatness. And let’s not forget the « Wonderboy » baseball bat that became a symbol of triumph for Robert Redford’s character, « Roy Hobbs, » in « The Natural. »

Presented in collaboration with Turner Classic Movies (TCM), the auction offers a unique chance for enthusiasts to experience these treasures firsthand through exclusive exhibitions, catalogues, and various on-air and online programming. This celebration of Hollywood’s legends and the essence of royalty will culminate in a live auction where these priceless pieces will find new homes.

Martin Nolan, the Executive Director of Julien’s Auctions, spoke with excitement about the upcoming event, describing it as « a historic occasion. »

« It’s our « Legends Hollywood and Royalty Auction », over 1400 items going on the auction block. And if you can’t be here in Beverly Hills, you can go to Julian’s live.com. Live streaming video and see the auctioneer and be a part of this truly historic event, » said Nolan.

From Princess Leia’s ethereal costume to behind-the-scenes production materials, photographs, and more, this remarkable auction marks not only the centenary of Warner Bros. but also a journey into the heart of cinematic history.


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