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USA: ‘Not going to happen, it is going to be shut’ – Protests erupt in Staten Island over migrant shelter opening

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Staten Island residents have taken to the streets on Monday to protest a migrant shelter established at a former Catholic school. The protest, which follows a series of rallies and clashes, highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the response to the asylum seeker crisis in the city.

Residents gathered outside the former St. John Villa Academy in Arrochar for a ‘Protest-a-Palooza’ event, voicing their opposition to the presence of the migrant shelter. The building has been the focus of several large protests over the past week, with some gatherings reportedly turning confrontational.

« We can’t have an all-male migrant shelter in the heart of a residential area where there is a catholic girl school with young girls right there. It is not going to happen, it is going to be shut, » said Salvatore Michaerls, a resident.

According to media reports, protesters express concerns about the impact of the shelter on their community and advocate for the removal of migrants. While about two dozen migrants are currently housed at the facility, it can accommodate up to 300 individuals.

The protests come after Sunday’s gathering outside Gracie Mansion, where around 150 people demonstrated against Mayor Eric Adams’ response to the asylum seeker crisis.

The rallies have witnessed clashes between opposing groups and law enforcement, revealing the deeply divided sentiments on this issue.


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