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Fluffy pioneer! Russia’s first-ever giant panda cub born at Moscow Zoo

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The first panda cub ever born in Russia was delivered at Moscow Zoo on Wednesday, according to the wildlife park’s press service.

Footage shows happy mother Ding Ding cuddling and cleaning her cub, as well as eating bamboo.

« This event is unique both for the nation and the entire global environmental community. <...> A young pair of giant pandas – male Ruyi and female Ding Ding – gave birth to a cub weighing about 150 grams, who’s sex is still unknown, » the press service stated.

According to the report, the young mom is passing all the required tests while the zoo staff is monitoring her condition around the clock.

« This case is also unique in that Ruyi and Ding Ding are young: they are seven and six years old, respectively. Usually the first cub is born when parents are around eight to 10 years of age, » the zoo’s press service added.

Ruyi and Ding Ding were brought to Moscow by a special flight from Beijing in 2019. The opening ceremony of the Chinese Fauna pavilion at the Moscow Zoo was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Giant pandas are only found in China. The black-and-white bears are recognised as national heritage of the Celestial Kingdom, which technically owns every panda in the world. The Chinese government rents pandas to zoos in other countries. Ruyi and Ding Ding were transferred to the Moscow Zoo as part of an international programme to preserve, protect and research these rare animals.

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