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Paint the town red! Thousands attend world’s biggest food fight as ‘La Tomatina’ returns to Bunol

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Thousands of people flocked to the Spanish town of Bunol on Wednesday for the 76th ‘La Tomatina’ festival, an annual event where huge crowds take to the streets for a massive tomato-throwing battle.

Footage shows festival-goers, some wearing swimming goggles, throwing a literal truckload of squishy tomatoes into a crowd of thousands.

According to reports, at least 18,000 people took to the streets to paint the town red during this year’s festival.

Participants pelted each other with up to 130 tonnes of tomatoes loaded in trucks that drove around the town near Valencia during the hour-long battle.

‘La Tomatina’ started in 1945, after a group of local youths brawled in the street during a folk festival, seizing tomatoes from a greengrocer’s stall and throwing them at one another.


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