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Poland: ‘Element of psychological warfare’ – Polish interior minister condemns Belarus-Russia military exercises

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Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski stated that the commencement of Belarusian army manoeuvres, which are expected to involve troops from the Russian Federation on Friday, is ‘an element of psychological warfare against Poland,” during a conference at the Polish-Belarusian border in Usnarz Gorny on Wednesday.

This location is historically significant due to its association with the 2021 migrant crisis when Poland experienced a notable increase in illegal immigration.

The timing of the visit by prominent Polish officials, which included the Minister of Defence, the Interior Minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, was carefully chosen to coincide with the ongoing parliamentary election campaign set for October 15. The ruling party’s campaign has placed a strong emphasis on matters related to migration and security, with a central theme revolving around guaranteeing a ‘Safe Future for Poles’.

Interior Minister also Kaminski addressed the growing concerns surrounding the situation on the border.

« We analyzed the situation, this situation is full of threats, but we will deal with them, just as we dealt with the wave of illegal immigration that the opponents of our country and the opponents of the free world, that is, I am talking about Putin and Lukashenko, wanted to flood Europe with a wave of chaos two years ago, » Kaminski added.

Minister of Defense Mariusz Blaszczak echoed the same sentiment.

« The nation stands behind the Polish uniform. We will not allow the border to be threatened, so that there is a repeat of the events of 2021, » Blaszczak declared.

Zbigniew Rau, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, highlighted the enduring spirit of resilience and cooperation demonstrated by the country.

« We did not succumb and this fence is an example we are proud of for our neighbors and allies on NATO’s eastern flank, not only for the Baltic states but also for the Finns, » he emphasised.

Soldiers working on the border are using a range of equipment including KTO Rosomak vehicles, ‘Rak’ mortars, Leopard tanks, PIORUN missile systems, engineering and reconnaissance tools, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Helicopters are also providing air support for these activities.


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