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Spain: Netherlands, Romania vow to strengthen Ukraine’s air defence

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Netherlands and Romania are taking steps to bolster Ukraine’s air defence capabilities. Kajsa Ollongren, the Minister of Defence of the Netherlands, emphasized the importance of supporting Ukraine during an informal meeting of European Union defence ministers in Toledo on Wednesday.

« Romania yesterday signed a letter of intent with Lockheed Martin to provide the training and maintenance of F-16s in the Romanian training centre. This is a concrete step towards strengthening the air defence of Ukraine by two European countries and all other countries in the F16 coalition, » said Ollongren.

Romania signed a Letter of Intent with the Netherlands and Lockheed Martin to establish an F-16 Training Center, contributing to training Ukrainian pilots for future F-16 operations. This initiative solidifies Romania’s commitment to collective security and underscores the alliance’s support for Ukraine’s stability.

Moreover, Hanno Pevkur, Estonia’s Defence Minister, stressed the need for unity within the EU and NATO to aid Ukraine during this critical moment. He urged dialogue with Hungary to secure broader support, as the situation in Ukraine defines the future of European security.


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