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USA: ‘It was kind of a scary experience’ – Students describe deadly shooting at UNC campus in Chapel Hill as suspect appears in court

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Suspected gunman Tailei Qi was seen in court on Wednesday, following a shooting at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which resulted in the death of faculty member Zijie Yan the previous day.

Footage from Orange County courthouse shows the suspect appearing before Judge Sherri Murrell at 2pm local time. The incident occurred at the Genome Science building, while students are also seen comforting each other.

« First I did not think much of it but you started seeing people running and you know, trying to get in wherever there is an open door. You could see the live news coverage. There were a lot of rumours about where the shooter was and at first, they caught him and then they did not catch him. They thought it was a different person. It was kind of a scary experience, » explained Brandon, one of the students.

Law enforcement officers enforced an immediate lockdown of the campus, with students and staff urged to shelter during the search for the attacker. The campus remained on high alert until authorities took the alleged shooter into custody, while the motive remains unclear.

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