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China: US plan to supply weaponry to Taiwan ‘seriously violating One China principle’ – MOFA spox as Biden signs off on ‘sovereign nation’ programme

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Wang Wenbin accused Washington of ‘seriously violating the One China principle’ after Washington approved the transfer of military equipment to Taiwan under a programme normally reserved for sovereign nations, during a briefing in Beijing on Thursday.

« Through the so-called foreign military financing plan applicable to sovereign states, the United States has provided weapons to Taiwan, seriously violating the One China principle <…> seriously violating international law and basic norms governing international relations, harming China’s sovereignty and security interests, and endangering peace and stability in Taiwan, » said the spokesperson.

Washington’s $80 million package came under the State Department’s foreign military financing (FMF) programme – normally used to supply sovereign states – which the US says is to ‘strengthen Taiwan’s self-defence capabilities’.

According to the State Department, the move was ‘consistent with our longstanding One China policy’ – the policy which recognises only one Chinese government while maintaining unofficial relations with Taiwan.

Beijing regards Taiwan as part of its own territory under its One China principle and has accused Washington of interfering in its internal affairs.

During the presser, the spokesperson also commented on the Philippines’ statement about ‘rejecting’ China’s new national map denoting sovereignty over the South China Sea, which Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam have also criticised.

« China’s position on the South China Sea issue has always been clear. The Chinese authorities routinely update and publish various types of standard maps every year. It aims to provide standard mapping services for all sectors of the community and raise the public awareness of standardising the use of maps and hope that the parties concerned will treat them objectively and rationally, » Wang Wenbin stated.

He was also asked if President Xi Jinping would take part in the G20 Summit in India on September 9-10.

« At this time, I cannot give any information regarding the Chinese leader’s attendance at the G20 summit, » the spokesperson added.

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