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USA: Protesters rally for accelerated work permits for asylum seekers amid NYC migrant crisis

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Protesters alongside officials held a demonstration in New York City to demand expedited work authorisation permits for asylum seekers.

« I call on the federal government to accelerate work authorizations, to extent temporary protective status and to support refugee resettlement here in New York City, all across New York State, » comptroller Brad Lander said during a speech to the crowd. The protest was also attended by Mayor Eric Adams who also demanded asylum seekers to be granted extended temporary protection status according to media reports.

Also on Thursday, the New York City Council called on the government to take action and issue work permits for asylum seekers.

« People seeking asylum can contribute immensely to our economy, and it is imperative that we facilitate this outcome. We join our colleagues in government and stakeholders across our city in urging action by the federal government to expedite work authorisation that removes barriers to employment,” the statement read.

The gathering comes amid rising tensions in New York with migrant shelters in residential areas. In recent months, nearly 100,000 migrants and asylum seekers have arrived in New York City with nearly 60,000 remaining in the city’s care according to the mayor’s office.


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