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USA: ‘This represents the future’ – World’s largest 3D-printed horse farm unveiled, pioneering construction technology

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The spotlight shines on a pioneering achievement in construction technology as the world’s largest fully 3D-printed horse farm was revealed in Wellington on Wednesday, boasting a sprawling floor space exceeding 10,000 square feet.

Printed Farms, a trailblazer in the realm of 3D printing in construction, is on the cusp of completing a monumental project in Florida – a ‘luxury horse barn’ that encompasses approximately 10,100 square feet (nearly 940 square meters).

While the claim of being the largest 3D-printed building holds at the present moment, the rapidly advancing nature of this technology leaves open the possibility that even grander structures may soon emerge.

« This represents the future. You can eliminate a lot of waste, you can turn projects around much faster, you have lean construction, and the machinery can be operated by two or three people and the entire crew, » said Justin D’Angelo, spokesperson for Printed Farms.

The single-story structure stretches an impressive 155 feet in length (47 meters), with a width of 83 feet (25 meters), and stands at a height of 13 feet (4 meters). The construction process harnessed the power of a single COBOD BOD2 3D printer, the model responsible for erecting Europe’s inaugural two-story 3D-printed home.

Jim Ritter, a representative of Printed Farms, emphasizes the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, stating, « We want to make buildings super strong for sustainability. We are all about environmental sustainability. The fewer buildings you have to replace, the more green the system. »

Employing a technique familiar to 3D-printed projects, the process involved an intricate robotic apparatus extruding a cement-like mixture through a nozzle, layer by layer, to construct the walls, according to reports.

Given the expansive dimensions of the project, the printer operated in phases, commencing with the sides of the barn and culminating with the central section. While the exact timeframe for the entire construction remains undisclosed, it’s known that the completion of 3,200 square feet (297 square meters) took 18 days.


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