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USA: ‘We did not have the freshness’ – Inter Miami’s Martino following first game without scoring since Messi’s arrival

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Inter Miami’s head coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino said during a press conference on Wednesday night in Miami after the team’s scoreless tie against Nashville SC that his squad did not have ‘the freshness’ and chances to score, as the Floridian team finished its first game without putting the ball into the net since Lionel Messi’s arrival.

« If you look at what happened, it seemed like today we were still dealing with a buildup of fatigue because the team was slow in the flow. That may have been the case. It also has to do with Nashville’s strengths, » Martino added.

The manager also mentioned that as the league continues to grow, more players from Major League Soccer (MLS) are likely to be called to defend their nations, something he sees as a subject of celebration for the organisation, and said that he and his coaching staff have had little time to work on the team since his arrival almost two months ago, as the team plays basically every other three days.

« Undoubtedly, for a new coach or a new player who arrives in the middle of the season, time is very scarce, and the only thing we have to do is adjust the team using the images of the games, rest the players, and get the idea of the game and the rhythm of the game during the matches, » Martino explained.

Inter Miami will face Los Angeles Football Club on Sunday, while Nashville will clash with Charlotte FC in their upcoming matches in the MLS.

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