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‘Best democracy we ever had’ – Chancellor Scholz at 75th anniversary of German Parliamentary Council

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« German Chancellor Olaf Scholz referred to the democratic history of the country at the 75th anniversary celebration of the Parliamentary Council held at Bonn’s Museum Koenig on Friday.
« This is a very important day for democracy », said Scholz. « In this respect, it is important for us to understand that the best democracy we have ever had in Germany is actually worth defending », the Chancellor added.
Bundesrat President Peter Tschentscher, Bundestag President Barbel Bas and Federal Constitutional Court President Stephan Harbarth also participated in the event.
According to local media, German authorities reinforced security measures ahead of the ceremony, with about 300 police officers deployed for the event.
The Parliamentary Council first met in the Bonn museum in 1949, to draft West Germany’s Constitution, the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. The Koenig Museum was one of the few buildings not damaged during the Second World War. »


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