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‘Distortion and miscalculation’ – MOFA spox slams former US House Speaker Pelosi’s remarks on US-Sino relations

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« Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesperson Wang Wenbin criticised comments made by former US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who reportedly stated during an interview that US-Sino relations are ‘hindered by a lack of shared values’, while the Chinese government violates trade standard, speaking at a press briefing in Beijing on Friday.
« The remarks you have just mentioned are a distortion and miscalculation of China’s policy toward the US and are not aligned with the facts, » Wenbin said.
According to Wang Wenbin, when Washington talks about its relationship with China, the subject of competition between both countries is always mentioned, which has become the biggest issue involving their relationship.
« The attitude and position of China are clear, and competition should help promote and enhance each other, in line with the common interests and expectations of both sides and the international community. We should not use any means to create obstacles for each other and try to pull them down, » the spokesperson noted.
Answering a question about the reports of China’s President Xi Jinping likely to skip the upcoming G20 Summit in New Delhi, Wang Wenbin said that the government would ‘release relevant information in real time’, and confirmed Chinese Premier Li Qiang’s presence at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit next week in Jakarta. »


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