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‘Greatest desire in life’ – Hands-free banana eater from Kerala sets world record

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« Salim Padavanna from Mullampara in Kerala State, set the Guinness World Record for the fastest ‘hands-free’ banana eating, peeling the fruit with his mouth and consuming it in a time of 17.82 seconds.
« My greatest desire in life is to become a Guinness record holder through the right channels, » he enthused.
Footage filmed on Thursday shows the champion demonstrating his achievement, with his hands tied behind his back.
He smashed the record – munching the nine-inch long banana weighing 135 grams in 17.82 seconds – easily beating the time of 20.33 seconds set in 2021 by England’s Leah Shutkever.
Padavanna practised for around nine months with 3- 4 bananas a day, which he said had helped him to ‘achieve this record in good timing’.
« The achievements of the Guinness World Record winners are not just personal accolades, these achievements belong to each and every Indian and reflect the potential of our nation as a whole, so with that in mind, I attempted and succeeded, » he added.
The record attempt took place on March 19, 2023, was confirmed 12 weeks later, and he received his certificate on August 12.
He is the 65th person from the state to hold this record in the 68-year-history of the Guinness Book of Records. He also held the Universal Record Forum’s world record for collecting postcards with portraits of Gandhi, and has a famous collection of FIFA World Cup football stamps. »

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