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Head coach of Spain’s men’s team begs ‘forgiveness’ for applauding Rubiales, refuses to quit

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« Head coach of Spain men’s football team Luis de la Fuente apologised for applauding national football federation president Luis Rubiales´ speech last week, during a press conference in Las Rozas on Friday.
In his speech, Rubiales refused to resign after kissing a female player on the lips following the Spanish women’s team’s World Cup.
De la Fuente stressed that he faced strong criticism for his applause. « I am sorry, that I understand them and I ask for forgiveness for it,” he said.
“I give you my deepest apologies. Whoever knows me, knows that these gestures do not represent my values, nor my way of thinking, nor my way of acting in life,” he added.
De la Fuente together with Jorge Vilda, women’s head coach, were among the participants who were seen applauding the speech.
Rubiales himself, who has been suspended by FIFA, has insisted he won’t resign and described the kiss as ‘mutual and consensual’. Meanwhile, the Spanish football federation (RFEF) has indicated its support for Rubiales, and has threatened legal action against Hermoso for defamation.
Jenni Hermoso and her World Cup-winning teammates said that they will not play for the national team again until Rubiales is stood down from his position. »


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