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‘I’m not a deity, just a human being like all of you’ – Terry Gou promises ‘money’ and ‘safety’ as billionaire launches second presidential run in Taipei

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« Billionaire Terry Gou told an audience in Taipei on Friday that ‘just like the Earth God’ he wanted to help everyone earn money and stay safe, shortly after launching his second bid for the region’s presidency.
”I, just like the Earth God, want to help everyone earn money and ensure their safety, » he said, while visiting the Academia Sinica Fu De Gong Temple, a premier research institution.
« But I’m not a deity, you know. I’m just a human being, just like all of you. So, how can I have you guys’ help to integrate these resources and opinions? … I will open a mailbox where everyone can send everything to me.”
The founder of Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics supplier and iPhone maker, who is running as an independent, said that he planned to use AI technology to formulate his policy proposals.
”I am planning to use AI, specifically OpenAI, to gather the opinions of the people, » he continued. « I will collect all these opinions and then compile everyone’s proposed solutions to determine the future path of our country. »
The candidate claimed that two-thirds of the country was struggling financially and promised to make the economy his focus. He said Taiwan had to address issues facing young people such as low wages, affordable housing and oversees educational opportunities.
Asked if he regretted calling the president an ‘old virgin’, he said that he ‘won’t answer’.
« I need to put my time and energy into national politics. Most people have moved on from certain things in the past, and there’s no need to dwell on those matters. I want to focus on what’s right and what’s needed, » he added.
The election takes place on January 13, 2024. President Tsa-Ing-wen is ineligible for a third term, while the other candidates are the DPP’s Lai Ching-te, Kuomintang’s Hou Yu-ih and Ko Wen-je from the TPP. »


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