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Joy of techs: World’s leading consumer electronics trade show unveils cutting-edge innovations in Berlin

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« The IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), the world’s largest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, opened its doors to technology and innovation enthusiasts in Berlin on Friday.
The event, celebrating its 99th year, showcases the latest devices and gadgets from around the globe.
CEO of EEVE Wesley Lorrez presented a personal ‘robot for the home’ that can mow the lawn, do the weeding and conduct nighttime surveillance to protect your property after hours.
Another unique product unveiled by Amit Jaura, the co-founder and CEO of SteamBox, was the ‘self-heating lunch box’, meaning ‘you can enjoy hot food literally anywhere at any time’.
With an annual attendance of over 150,000 visitors, IFA provides a platform for retailers, buyers, industry experts, and media professionals with the latest cutting-edge advances.
Since its inception in 1924, IFA has offered a first look at groundbreaking products, such as car radios and colour television.
This year’s event takes place on September 1-5 at the Messe Berlin exhibition grounds. »


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