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Mexico: Locals assess damage in aftermath of brutal drone attacks in El Caracol by suspected drug cartel

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The aftermath of drone attacks with DIY explosives by a suspected drug cartel could be seen in Nuevo Poblado el Caracol on Tuesday.

Footage shows damaged buildings including a destroyed roof and holes in facades as police could be seen conducting document checks while armed guards patrolled the area.

As many as 33 bombs were reportedly dropped on the rural community from drones by the La Familia Michoacana cartel between August 10 and 11, forcing residents to flee to nearby towns. Reports also suggest El Caracol is caught up in a conflict between the cartel and a rival criminal organisation called Los Tlacos.

« Teachers have not been able to teach for two years. The children can’t study. They should come back. The pupils and the teachers should come back, » explained a resident.

In early May, several explosives were dropped from drones that flew over the town in the same manner forcing residents to flee their homes, but had to return to their homes despite the violence.


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