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New housing horizons! First home in world’s largest 3D-printed neighbourhood unveiled in Georgetown

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« The world’s largest 3D-printed neighborhood in Georgetown, Texas unveiled its first completed house on Wednesday.
Captivating footage showcases both the exterior and interior views of the fully constructed 3D-printed house, along with the ongoing progress of other buildings within the vicinity near Austin.
Constructed with walls « printed » using a concrete-based material, this single-story dwelling is the inaugural home out of a hundred residences slated to welcome residents as of September.
These futuristic 3D-printed houses boast sizes ranging from 1,500 to 2,100 square feet (from 140 to 195 square metres), accommodating three to four bedrooms.
 » I would say this being the largest in the world right now, we are here today to launch some of our land here in Austin, to kind of team up with the companies that have their printers, we have access to our printers and now we are going to start taking it in a larger scale down in the Houston area, » said Tim Mosley, an official from the 3D printing architecture company ICON that leads the project.
« I enjoy seeing this new innovation and you know, Georgetown is growing so much. I don’t think that this innovation in particular will have a big effect on the growth which surprises a lot of the problems with congestion and so forth. So I’m happy to see it and I’m glad people are enjoying Georgetown, » a visitor stated.
As housing prices surge, leading companies around the globe are turning to 3D-printed houses, offering a cheaper, quicker, and more sustainable alternative. »


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