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‘There will be no debt-financed or permanent subsidies of electricity prices’ – German govt spox on energy subsidies

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« Germany’s Federal Government spokesperson, Wolfgang Buchner, addressed the formation of an alliance between various German industries to advocate for lower electricity prices, saying that the government would not support debt-financed or permanent subsidies to the sector.
The statement came as the German government coalition is split on whether or not to subsidise electricity prices for energy-intensive industries.
Yet regarding the Chancellor’s views, Buchner emphasized that “now it’s a question of sustainably lowering electricity prices, and you know the Chancellor’s statement that there will be no debt-financed flash in the pan or permanent subsidies of electricity prices like the watering can”.
German Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Christian Wagner also commented on Niger coup leaders’ ban on international aid organisations in the deployment zones.
« We have taken note of this announcement. Our position is quite clear, so to speak, that perhaps it is understandable if it serves to protect humanitarian aid workers, but if it is about cutting off the population from this important humanitarian aid, then, of course, it is not okay”, Wagner said, adding that he hadn’t received details on the ban implementation on the ground.
On another matter, the federal government spokesperson was asked about recent clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh, amid reports indicating that traffic was suspended on the solo road to the region, Lachin Road.
« The Federal Government is concerned about the unstable situation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. We are particularly concerned about the humanitarian issues that remain unresolved. The Federal Government therefore appeals to all those responsible to provide the people in Nagorno-Karabakh with the necessary supplies of food, medicine, and other goods. To this end, it is essential to open the Latschi Corridor for the movement of goods and people, » Buchner called.
The spokesperson has called on Azerbaijan and representatives from Stepanakert to reach an agreement on the transportation of essential goods. »

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