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Hundreds injured, eight in serious condition as clashes erupt between protesters and police in Tel Aviv

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« Hundreds of people were left injured following clashes involving supporters and opponents of the Eritrean government and police officers in Tel Aviv on Saturday.
Footage shows damaged police cars and buildings, as well as blood stains on the ground, while police officers walk near the site to secure the area after the clashes.
According to local media reports, at least 114 people have been injured, including 30 police officers. Eight people were transported to hospitals in serious condition, 13 in moderate, and 93 sustained light injuries.
Asylum seekers from Eritrea protesting against the Asmara government clashed with regime supporters and police following the demonstration which turned violent. Local police officers, who were deployed to the site, reportedly used smoke and stun grenades to disperse the clashing groups. »


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