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‘If you don’t leave, we will throw you out’ – Hundreds rally in Madrid to protest against SFF pres Rubiales

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« Hundreds of people gathered at Puerta del Sol in Madrid on Friday to protest against Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales and to express their support for FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Jenni Hermoso following their controversial kiss during the tournament’s trophy ceremony.
Footage shows protesters holding flags, banners, and signs, such as ‘You go away’, ‘If you don’t leave, we’ll throw you out’, and ‘Resignation’.
« We have been here protesting against the machismo of Rubiales, against the machismo of all the herd that surrounds him, and also to say that we are fed up with the whole culture of rape and the impunity that our aggressors have. We have come out to say that we want Rubiales to go, we want them all to go because they sincerely think we are imbeciles, » said Coral Latorre, one of the protesters.
She also stated that she was not satisfied with the Spanish Sports Court’s decision, which decided not to suspend Rubiales, and said that the court’s judgment only inflamed the rage of the protesters and motivated them to go to the streets.
« We will not stop until we put an end to the impunity that not only the aggressors have, but that this type of organisation gives them, » she declared.
Following Spain’s victory over England in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Rubiales was seen kissing player Jenni Hermoso on the lips during the trophy ceremony, which she has described as ‘non-consensual’.
Spanish Minister for Sport Miquel Iceta said on Tuesday that the government had brought in a process for suspension against Luis Rubiales. Earlier, Spanish prosecutors initiated a preliminary investigation into whether Rubiales’ kiss could constitute sexual assault.
Rubiales himself, who has been suspended by FIFA, has insisted he won’t resign and described the kiss as ‘mutual and consensual’. Meanwhile, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has indicated its support for Rubiales and has threatened legal action against Hermoso for defamation. »


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