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New Delhi uses cutouts of langurs to scare away monkeys ahead of G20 Summit

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« New Delhi authorities use life-size cutouts of langurs to scare the monkeys living in the city away from the pathways and event locations ahead of the G20 Summit.
Footage filmed on Friday shows monkeys wandering around several parts of the Indian capital as well as cutouts of langurs on buildings or tied to fences alongside roads to scare them away.
« These langur cutouts are installed here because monkeys are scared of langurs and run away when they see it. But now the monkeys are very smart, so they are not scared of these cutouts. One or two get frightened seeing the cutouts and later when they are used to these cutouts they are not scared, » said Naresh Kumar, an official from the New Delhi Municipality.
He added the only guaranteed way repel the monkeys is the presence of the real langurs. « Earlier they had kept real langurs here, at that time no monkeys came here and they were scared of langurs, » Naresh Kumar added.
India’s capital New Delhi will host world leaders at the G20 Summit that will take place on September 9 and 10. »


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