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‘Series of provocations for our security’ – Chief Cabinet Secretary as North Korea launches multiple missiles, spy satellite

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« Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Hirokazu Matsuno made a statement during a press briefing on Saturday in Tokyo, announcing that North Korea launched spy satellite and multiple missiles with ‘unprecedented frequency’, which the Japanese government considers a ‘series of provocations’ for its security.
« It is a grave and imminent threat at the same time for the region and for the international community, and peace and safety are threatened. This is never acceptable, and we don’t tolerate that, and abduction is the highest priority, » Matsuno declared.
The Chief Cabinet Secretary also mentioned that, along with the US and South Korea, the Japanese government aims for the denuclearisation of North Korea.
« We don’t see specific actions from North Korea under the circumstances with the US and South Korea. We are aligned with them, and with the cabinet meeting scheduled for today, we will discuss abduction, and nuclear missiles. We need to resolve these issues as further steps against North Korea, » he mentioned.
« In the United Nations resolution, there are prohibitions on the nuclear and missile programs for three groups and four individuals, and based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, there will be additional measures, » Matsuno continued.
According to local media reports, Pyongyang launched multiple cruise missiles heading towards the west of the Korean Peninsula, near the Yellow Sea. »

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