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Trees uprooted, property damaged as Typhoon Saola slams Hong Kong amid highest storm warning

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« Powerful Typhoon Saola caused damage in Hong Kong as authorities issued the highest storm warning on Friday night with rains and violent winds crawling closer to the south-eastern coastline.
Footage shows dozens of fallen trees strewn over many roads as well as people fighting rainy weather after the storm made its landfall in Guangdong’s Zhuhai city on Saturday dawn.
The Hong Kong Weather Observatory reported Saola winds to reach speed of 118 kilometres per hour (73 miles) and warned residents against going out and called on them to stay in a safe place.
Thus, Hong Kong and China’s neighbouring provinces cancelled hundreds of flights on Friday and shut businesses and schools.
The China Meteorological Administration expects Typhoon Saola to be the strongest typhoon to hit the Pearl River Delta since 1949. The delta includes Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong Province.
Despite weakening, Saola will continue to affect the region due to strong winds and rains, said Chinese authorities. »


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