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‘Without peace everything is nothing’- Berliners march against militarisation and war on World Peace Day

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« A few thousand people demonstrated on Saturday against society’s militarisation and war on the occasion of World Peace Day in Berlin.
Gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the demonstrators marched while holding banners and waving flags as they moved along Unter den Linden avenue, ultimately reaching the Television Tower at Alexanderplatz.
“Peace is not everything, but without peace everything is nothing”, was a message that could be read in one of the signs, citing the former German Chancellor Willy Brandt. Formed predominantly by a left-wing audience, the crowd showed a firm stance against all forms of imperialism.
« I am here today to stand against the imperialist proxy war in Ukraine, which on one side has Russian imperialism and in the other European and American imperialism fighting for influence over the world », said Franz, a demonstrator carrying a red sign and wearing a t-shirt with the communist symbol of the hammer and sickle stamped.
Before the march began, the demonstrators listened to speeches recalling the devastating consequences of the conflict, which is heading into its second year.
« For 1 and a half years a brutal war rages in Ukraine, in which miserable people are dying every day. Men, women, and children are being wounded, killed, and displaced. This war has robbed the homeland of millions and forced them to flee », discoursed a rally’s spokeswoman on the microphone. »

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