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Children discover remains of ancient mammal resembling huge armadillo in Argentina’s Camet Norte

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« A family promenading on the beach in Argentina’s Camet Norte discovered remains that could belong to Glyptodontes, an ancient armoured mammal that lived in the area thousands of years ago.
Florencia Etchegoin shared her daughters’ discoveries on her Facebook page attracting the interest of scientists who could be seen working at the site in footage filmed on Sunday.
« We came as a family on Sunday, We were with my sister-in-law and the girls and my husband and they started to search everywhere and they found a little piece on one side and we started to look and explore and we saw this one here, » said Etchegoin in an interview.
Pachamama Museum officials noted that this was not the first time fossil remains have been found in the area, and recalled that a few months ago, the remains of a megatherium had been found in addition to remains of other glyptodonts.
The remains discovered by the children belong to a mammal that weighed about 1,5 tonnes at a length of approximately 3 metres (118 inch). Glyphodonts are giant ancestors of armadillos that lived in South America around 10,000 years ago according to Daniel Scian, Director of the Pachamama Museum Santa Clara del Mar.
Its remains are allegedly difficult to recover due to the difficult geographical position of the rocks containing the fossils and the tides in the area. It is planned to use machinery to retrieve the discoveries to prevent their destruction, according to media reports. »


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